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In Episode 2 of Atinary's Webinar series, we discussed the capabilities of Atinary SDLabs and IBM's RoboRXN in accelerating chemical reaction optimization.

July 12, 2024

🔬🚀 Our latest article, a collaboration between Atinary & IBM Research, was published in the May 2024 issue of Chemical Science from the Royal Society of Chemistry!

May 30, 2024

🎉 We are thrilled to announce an important milestone: our users have run more than 100,000 experiments! 

May 24, 2024

As a machine learning expert, Prof. Hernández-Lobato joins Atinary's advisory board as the company continues to bring the SDLabs technology AI solutions to R&D labs.

April 8, 2024
Atinary releases SeMOpt, a new ML and transfer-learning algorithm

Atinary Technologies releases SeMOpt, a new machine learning algorithm for transfer-learning and accelerating optimization processes.

May 10, 2022