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AI-driven process to help scientists with design and optimization of experiments, and accelerate innovation and discovery of molecules through the Self-Driving Labs® Platform.
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Our Vision

Science Matters.

Atinary’s vision is to change how science and R&D are done, for the good of society. We aspire to accelerate the transition to a healthier and sustainable future by developing AI solutions that revolutionize science and R&D.

Our Mission

Atinary’s mission is to democratize the use of AI with the Self-Driving Labs Platform that accelerates R&D and innovation, making it possible to discover breakthrough materials and molecules exponentially faster and cheaper.

Our Solution

Atinary™ SDLabs Platform

The no-code AI platform to optimize experimentation and workflows and accelerate R&D, innovation, and discovery.

What does success look like with the Self-Driving Labs® technology?

User-friendly no-code interface

Plan and optimize experiments with ease; analyze, interpret, and visualize data with data analytics tools

Data-driven decisions

Facilitate experiment planning and optimization


New product pipelines and discoveries

Digitalization of R&D

Optimize and enhance workflows towards discovery

Integrated R&D throughput and automation

Combinatorial use of AI, robotics, and cloud computing

Efficiency in R&D

Increase R&D throughput and automation and efficient use of time and resources

Accelerated time to market

Expedite experimentation, shorten development and production time

Data management

Centralize data, ready for machine learning and for knowledge sharing


Minimize carbon footprint of R&D operations and products through AI-driven and automated experimentation
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Proprietary Algorithms

Optimize and apply constraints across experiments with our proprietary algorithms:



What they say about us


This partnership brings together our complementary expertise, paving the way for innovative AI solutions poised to transform pharmaceutical R&D and accelerate drug discovery. Through this collaboration, Takeda will leverage Atinary’s leading AI Self-Driving Labs technology, that combined with its expertise in R&D and drug discovery aims to create a more robust and efficient drug development process, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.


We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with Atinary Technologies on leveraging their proprietary AI-driven platforms in Firmenich R&D laboratories. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the cutting-edge digital technology behind self-driving labs are providing new opportunities to speed and enhance our research and development. By combining Firmenich’s scientific expertise with Atinary’s Machine Learning algorithm, Falcon, and the SDLabs® software platform, we are accelerating process optimization towards industrialization of key ingredients.

Dr. Alfredo Alexander-Katz, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

We used the Atinary™ SDLabs® platform to guide our simulations on MIT’s supercomputer and to seamlessly integrate my lab equipment to deploy AI-driven autonomous experimentation. Remarkably, within a week, my team completed tasks that I originally estimated would take more than two years!

Its user friendliness and capabilities make SDLabs® the iPhone of R&D.

Gilles Salomon, Site Director, JAG Jakob SA.

JAG Group and Atinary Technologies offer a unique turnkey solution that combines our expertise in robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence to transform R&D and scientific discoveries with the Self-Driving Labs® technology. We are laying the foundation today for the smart factories and the labs of the future.

Dr. Teodoro Laino, Distinguished Research Scientist of IBM Research

We are witnessing a significant shift in chemistry and the chemical industry. The widespread use of AI and cloud technology will alter the way chemistry is conducted on a global scale and put chemists on the fast track to discovering new materials. Atinary™ SDLabs® and IBM’s RoboRXN are two pioneering technologies with the goal of embodying chemistry in the cloud and conducting real-world impactful research anywhere there is an internet connection. The synergy of the two complementary capabilities will demonstrate what two innovative groups can do with new technological paradigms.

Dr. Paco Laveille, Managing Director at ETH Zurich Catalysis Hub - Swiss CAT+

... To accelerate catalyst development, we can now combine artificial intelligence and robotics, rationalizing the screening of chemical space and increasing the throughput and reproducibility of the experimental data. This groundbreaking approach achieves in weeks what traditionally took decades…

Antoine Herzog, Parithera CEO

The Atinary platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it a fantastic tool for organizing and structuring research. By eliminating the need to constantly consider what the next steps should be, it has saved us a significant amount of time. Additionally, the platform facilitates collaboration among team members, further streamlining the research process. Overall, Atinary has proven to be an invaluable asset to our work.

Dr. Toby Meyer, Solaronix CEO

We are very impressed with the Atinary team, technology and efficiency. Overall, this pilot project demonstrates that SDLabs® accelerates solar perovskite R&D and process optimization. It reduces the time and costs to find optimal process parameters, and increases productivity, competitiveness and return on investment.


Trusted partnerships

and global collaborations

We collaborate closely with world-class companies across industries, as well as with leading universities and research labs around the world. 

We are building a strong ecosystem in Switzerland, Europe, North America and Asia with the mission of deploying the Self-Driving Labs® technology to address some of the biggest challenges in climate tech, energy, health and sustainability.

Latest News

July 12, 2024

In Episode 2 of Atinary's Webinar series, we discussed the capabilities of Atinary SDLabs and IBM's RoboRXN in accelerating chemical reaction optimization.

May 30, 2024

🔬🚀 Our latest article, a collaboration between Atinary & IBM Research, was published in the May 2024 issue of Chemical Science from the Royal Society of Chemistry!

May 24, 2024

🎉 We are thrilled to announce an important milestone: our users have run more than 100,000 experiments! 

🚨 Migration Alert to SDLabs Users - SDLabs will be undergoing a cloud migration

SDLabs will be temporarily offline starting at July 30th 2am EDT | 8am CEST | July 29th 11pm PDT. SDLabs users will be notified once the migration is complete.