Exciting article featured on the cover of Chem Catalysis

🔬🚀 Our latest article has made the cover of Cell Press Chem Catalysis Feb issue! At SwissCat+, we're revolutionizing heterogeneous catalysts R&D by marrying ML-Bayesian optimization with automated experimentation.

February 15, 2024
Florian F
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We are proud to see our latest article featured on the cover of Cell Press Chem Catalysis Feb issue!

At ETH Zürich SwissCat+, we combine ML-Bayesian optimisation with automated/high-throughput experimentation to accelerate heterogeneous catalysts R&D.

Full article entitled “Accelerated exploration of heterogeneous CO2 hydrogenation catalysts by Bayesian-optimized high-throughput and automated experimentation” available here.

Thanks again to all the authors: Adrian Ramirez GalileaErwin LamDaniel Pacheco Gutierrezyuhui HouHermann TribukaitLoïc RochChristophe Coperet, Paco Laveille and the teams at Chemspeed TechnologiesUnchained Labs and AvantiumFlowrence® Technology for their continuous support.

Credit to the team of Inmywork StudioEhsan Keshavarzi for the illustration.